Food Park

Sector Highlight:

  • Ideally located in Eastern India, Jharkhand caters food products to large population of the country.
  • Cultivates wide variety of fruits & vegetables, both for domestic consumption and export.
  • Round the year cultivation of Cauliflower due to its conducive climate.
  • Other high value vegetables like French Bean, Capsicum, Chilly and Carrot are produces in a large quantity.
  • Fruits, Vegetables, Spices & Field Crops are largely organically produced.
  • The state has about 18 lakh tons of high quality surplus vegetables with record paddy production of 56 metric tons.
  • Dairy is being treated as potential area to spur primary sector growth.
  • 23.6 lakh ha of flourishing forest cover offers niche minor forest products.
  • Opportunities also in exploiting the commercialization of agro-forestry products, cashew processing, medicinal plants processing, honey production, meat & meat products.



  • Primary and Secondary Processing
  • Ketchup, Puree, Pulp, Canned & Frozen Product, Pickles
  • Ginger & Turmeric Powder & Paste
  • Cold chain and preservation
  • Individual Quick Freezing (IQF)
  • Unique location providing a ready and serviceable market for the processed items


Food Processing Policy 2015:

  • Processing Units – Subsidy 35%-45% Subject to maximum of INR 5 Crores
  • Cold Chain, Value Addition and Preservation Infrastructure 35%-50% Subsidy, Subject to maximum of INR 7 Crores
  • Primary Processing Centres / Collection Centres in Rural Areas 50%-75% Subsidy, Subject to maximum of INR 2.5 Crores
  • Mega Projects In Food Processing 35%-45% Subsidy, Subject to maximum of INR 12 Crores.
  • Establishment of Meat and Fish Shops 50%-75% Subsidy, Subject to maximum of INR 5 Lakhs