Enriching Jharkhand through vibrant and sustainable Industrial growth. Facilitating investor for the continuous and speedy industrial growth through optimum utilization of resources without effecting natural ecosystem.

Role and Functions :

  • To interact with investors to maximize capital investment for its
    accelerated economic development and generation of employmentopportunities.
  • To Act as Investment Promotion and Facilitation Agency of Jharkhand and act as the first point of reference for investors in Jharkhand.
  • To create, develop, maintain infrastructure facilities for growth of industries in Jharkhand.
  • To act as an agent of the Central and/or State government for disbursement of subsidy, grant, grant-in-aid and loan of industries.
  • To render services on modern management techniques essential to various industries.
  • To enter into partnership, arrangement for sharing profit or losses, amalgamation, joint ventures, reciprocal concession or cooperation for mutual benefits.